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Mountain of the Moon *Ugandan*

Welcome to the moon, earthlings!

This coffee comes from the Rwenzori Mountains, close to the borders of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The region is known as the “Mountains of the Moon” because of how arid the environment can be.

This region has a history of conflict where coffee farms were routinely raided and beans were sold for bullets in a time that came to be known as the Great African War. These farms have come a long way and have since started producing unique small-farm specialty coffee in a time of greater peace.

This coffee is out of this world. So good. We can’t wait for you to try these delicious “moon beans!”

Tastes Like

"barrel aged burgundy"

Coffee Geek Info

Region: Kasese, Rwenzori Mountains
Altitude: 6,889 ft
Varietal: SL14, SL28
Process: Natural
Distributer: Crop to Cup

More Cupping Notes from Roos Crew:

mulled wine, woody oak barrel, cinnamon buttered toast

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