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Papua New Guinea Roteps

High in the mountaintops of Papua New Guinea's Western Highland you will find Roteps Wet Mill: a processing mill that brings together premium coffee from various smallholder farms in the area.

Beans from Papua New Guinea are rare to come by due to vast cultural and language barriers between villages in PNG. Nevertheless, small co-ops and farming groups (like Roteps) are bridging the cultural divides and growing community with the region's coffee farmers.

We're thankful to our friends at Crop to Cup who have helped facilitate positive relationships and economic development through this high quality coffee! Sweet and soft like milk chocolate, these beans bring a uniquely balanced cup. We are excited to share this rare coffee with you!

Tastes Like

"orange zested s'mores"

Coffee Geek Info

Region: Western Highlands, Mt. Hagen
Altitude: 5900 ft
Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Arusha
Process: Washed
Distributer: Crop to Cup

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