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Kenya Karimikui Peaberry

The Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society opened in 1977 for coffee production, formed in the Kirinyaga region of Kenya. Mount Kenya’s rare coffee-growing environment provides high elev. forest, creating a region with double the rainfall. The deep red volcanic soil is rich in nutrients, supporting both vegetative and fruit development and inter-cropping systems.

Tastes Like

This is super-high-quality peaberry coffee. bean, so it's dense and very flavorful.
It's roasted light, so you can discern all the notes - a velvety maple body with melon lime and more.
In other words, delicious!

Coffee Geek Info

Region:  Kenya, Base of Mt. Kenya (Not Central Valley like most of Kenya's coffees)
Farmer:  Rungeto Farmers Cooperative
Altitude:  6000 - 6200 feet 
Varietal:  S 34 and SL 28 with some Ruiru 11
Process: Fully Washed
Distributer: Crop to Cup




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