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Dream Police Decaf

People RAVE about our decaf coffee. Perfect for dinner parties and pregnant women. You won't miss the caffeine. Organic, fair trade, water processed, it is excellent as espresso too. This coffee has an amazing aroma which is wonderful for any whether they drink coffee or not. So don't tell me your "I don't drink coffee" stories any more!

Since we almost exclusively sell fair trade and organic coffee, it’s only logical for us to roast you a fair trade organic, chemical-free H2O processed decaf. It tastes incredible brewed any way; press pot, espresso, drip. Our decaf is so smooth and delicious, due to our killer roaster and the superior water processing in the decaffeination process. (In many decafs, methylene chloride is used and we personally feel more comfortable drinking and serving all natural decaf!) Try some today! 

Certifications: Water Processed, Fair Trade, Organic

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