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Single Origin

Fermented Brazil

Our friend Bruno, a coffee wizard from Brazil, sent us these special naturally fermented beans that we love so much – we must share their fermented goodness!

These beans are not as fruity as a typical naturally processed bean – these are rich and funky, a special treat that comes from a 30-hour fermentation process.

This type of aerobic fermentation brings especially complex and rich flavors only after a meticulously monitored fermenting phase. We are geeking out about the care that went into processing these beans, and the flavors that emerge as a result.

THIS IS GREAT AS ESPRESSO! (Because of the sugar content, the density is different,  so adjust your grinders accordingly.) Cheers, cheers to good beans!

Tastes Like

"rich and funky (in a good way!) with a hint of cinnamon and truffle"

Coffee Geek Info

Region: Cerrado, Minas Gerais
Altitude: 3,950 ft
Varietal: Red Catuai
Process: Natural / 30-hour Dry Fermented

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