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Colombian El Roblar

Our friend Coffee Quest sourced this incredible, microlot coffee for us. It hails from a really! small! farm in the mountains near Suaza, Huila, Colombia, run by a man named German Peña. The coffee is fermented for 20-24 hours and then dried on raised African beds in a parabolic dryer for anywhere from 15-28 days, depending on the weather conditions. The cup quality is a clear reflection of the efforts that German puts into producing his coffees and he has already indicated his interest in fermentation experiments to see about improving cup quality in not only his Caturra, but also the other varieties he grows at the finca.

Tasting notes: 

ie. this coffee makes me think of...

"Golden marshmallows on an Indian summer day."

"Caramelized butternut squash with lemon sprinkles."

"Warm pie crust!  "Hot butter toast!" 

Thanks to Stephan Levine our friend in the field who lives with his wife in Columbia and has his own company called Tusa Coffee.

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