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Mexican Yoloxochixtlán

Team Roos can't stop drinking this new direct trade Single Origin coffee!

Certifications: Fair Trade Organic

Tasting notes: candy corn, coconut cream pie

Roast: light


San Mateo Yoloxochixtlán is a Mazatec community located in Oaxaca, situated at an altitude of approximately 1600 masl. Yoloxochixtlán got its name from the Yoloxóchitl, a tree native to the area, whose name in Nahautl means “Flower of the Heart“ and in the mazatecan dialect “yá naxó totá.”

 The residents of San Mateo Yoloxochixtlán proudly speak Mazateco, and at the same time wear their coloring clothing during traditional community festivities, days at the market, or simply due to the love and respect of a millennial culture that has survived the many waves of globalization.

Surrounded by mountains and forests, the climatic environment and the richness of the soil are conducive to some of the best coffee growing in the state of Oaxaca, which in turn leads to the opportunity for small producers to increase their incomes and enter the specialty coffee market.

 We are told by some producers that it has not always been this way, there was not always the opportunity to sell their coffees at prices for sufficient for survival and in turn invest in the improvement of their farms and coffees. Three to four years ago, the hoarders or "coyotes" were those who made it rich when buying coffees at very low prices to later resell.

 Today, the producers in this region have had the opportunity to improve their incomes and bet on specialty coffees that together with the Oaxaca Quality of Coffee have put Oaxaca high in the world of coffee.

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